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Communism in the Face of the Counterrevolution

November 11, 2019


We are presenting an English translation of the 7th cuaderno of Emancipation's Cuadernos de formación marxista in pdf format. Emancipation, who as we have mentioned in the translation of the Report of the First Congress, constitutes a part of that which we refer to as the "party in the making". It is the internationalist communist organization behind both Escuela de Marxismo (which concentrates on historical investigation and the political formation of its militants) and Nuevo Curso. 


This cuaderno focuses on the history of the Left Opposition, Trotskyism, the Spanish Revolution, and the IVth International.


In order to understand the departure of the internationalists from the IVth International, one must understand that they had always been true militants dedicated to the fight for communism. The SWP's rejection of internationalism was a betrayal of the principles behind which the IVth International was born. The error of Trotsky (the belief that the Russian Revolution could be saved), furthermore, was something that he himself recognized could be an error. He himself recognized that the position of the communists towards the Soviet Union had to change if the Russian state kept going down the path that it was going. The experience of the Spanish Revolution, as well as the countries that were facing a revolution, had demonstrated to the internationalists (made up of Spanish exiles, Greeks, Vietnamese, Italians) that Stalinism was not "centrist", that it was in fact the counterrevolution.


This cuaderno has commentary from Emancipation, quotes from books that go over the history, as well as articles by Trotsky. Many of the quotes come from Grandizo Munis and from those internationalists that came out of the IVth International. Many of these quotes had to be translated by Workers' Offensive because there was no English translation available.








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