The Russian Revolution of 1917

August 29, 2019



We are presenting an English translation of the 5th part of Emancipation's Cuadernos de formación marxista (in pdf format). Emancipation, who as we have mentioned in the translation of the Report of the First Congress, constitutes a part of that which we refer to as the "party in the making". It is the internationalist communist organization behind both Escuela de Marxismo (which concentrates on historical investigation and the political formation of its militants) and Nuevo Curso.


This document was originally published in Escuela de Marxismo and contains both commentary from Emancipation and large quotations from texts such as History of the Russian Revolution by Leon Trotsky. 


This document is not merely a recounting of the events of the Russian Revolution. It discusses what the Russian Revolution signified and what it means for us communist militants. 


After all, we don't study just to study. 


"Studying, discussing and getting to know the history of the class and its struggles is no merit in of itself, it is only the way in which we gain the tools to be able to serve, as best as possible, as catalysts to that process (of self-organization of the working class)."


We will continue to translate the other parts of the Cuadernos in the near future. 








The pdf to the document can be accessed here









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