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About Us

We are a group of working-class militants in Miami striving to create a genuinely revolutionary politics that can serve as a viable alternative to the rule of ‘mainstream’ political parties tied to the capitalist state, who openly fight for the prolongation of class exploitation and oppression, and to capital’s left-wing apparatus, whom we largely see as a barrier to the development of a revolutionary class consciousness.

We understand our role within the broader working-class movement as consisting of active intervention within workers’ struggles, always advancing their autonomy from the exploiting class and all of the institutions that exist to control and pacify them, and immersing the new generations of workers in the theory developed by the historical workers’ movement, which has been continually improved upon by its successes and failures.

This website is intended to function as a forum for discussion just as much as it is a platform to present our politics to a wider audience. Unless otherwise stated, articles are not official position pieces that all our members completely agree with, however, they do conform with our stated points of unity as interpreted by the editors. We are a group that stands for open debate and transparency, not minoritarian bureaucracy.